The Secure Marketplace for Entertainment Assets & IP.

A secure marketplace for movie and streaming tv investments. Stelarator is a due diligence based framework aligning buyers and sellers through operational tool-sets.

Deal Flow.

For Finance Partners

From investors to debt (gap financing) providers benefit from reduced risk, with more transparency over contract dependencies and revenue waterfall audits. Live audits, AI analytics and automated procedures support better forward income planning and improved capital adequacy. Watch a 60 second intro.

For Filmmakers

We make the business side of you project easier, faster and more efficient, whilst also making projects more attractive to finance partners. The world of interdependent paper contracts that shape rights, obligations and transactions are turned into a singular, data-monitored, automated, investment and waterfall process chain. Watch a 90 second intro.

For Investors

From B2B institutional focused, to fractional and tokenized: Digitizing ownerships of movies and IP unlocks legacy-system shackles, enabling data-powered digital investments, even secondaries and derivatives. All these asset-backed opportunities are in an attractive, diversified, uncorrelated asset class. Watch a 60 second intro.

Meet the Team

Vlad Hunter Lodzinski

Founder & Lead

A media-tech entrepreneur and former Producer who saw the need and opportunity for a more evolved ecosystem

Experience | Talent | Passion

Martin Worner


Focused on regulatory and institutional finance focused blockchain, our active chair is behind multiple tech businesses

Christopher Ross

Chief Operating Officer

From banking to mobile, a multiple decade reputation of delivering robust, secure and tested institutional and consumer tech


Estimated 2027 Global Film & Video Market size by The Business Research Company


CAGR estimate 2022-28, Media & Entertainment Market by Business Research Insights

of the industry surveyed want end-to-end finance management tools


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